Kōya - Clare Mathias
Intuitive Watercolours


The group of 4 artists who make up 'Quatrain' extend their gratitude to all those who came out to see their successful show last weekend. We all enjoyed meeting and discussing our work with friends and visitors alike, and the most often mentioned comment was that they enjoyed the way all four artists integrated their work through responding to each others art pieces and to a simple haiku poem. One person mentioned that we had created a language in which the viewers were able to participate. I am privileged to have been invited to join these three talented artists, who have created this integrated form of art exhibition over the last 3 years, and am grateful that several of my art pieces have found new homes both here and off Island. We are indebted to David Goudge, Proprietor of Sea Star Winery, for enabling us to exhibit our artwork in such an ideal venue, and we are delighted to be donating 10% of our takings to the Epicentre for the purchase of art supplies for their young members.