Clare Mathias - Kōya Shōsei
Watercolors, Sumi-e Brush Painting, Haiku and Zen




 Watercolor Artist and Student of Zen Buddhism


Clare has been a  student of Zen Buddhism for the last 10 years and her artwork is inspired by her daily practice, and  involves conveying the spaciousness and interconnectedness of nature and all beings. It is the essence of her subjects that captures her imagination and persuades her to experiment with the flow of watercolour.  


On taking her Zen Buddhist vows in November 2015, Clare was given the Zen name of Kōya Shōsei (Open Field, Illuminating Vow). The calligraphy and seal that appears on  her art pieces represents her Zen name and is an integral part of her artwork.  It is her hope that her exhibitions and watercolour gallery will encourage visitors to stay a while, and on leaving take away with them a sense of peace and harmony.


The Gallery is also the home of  Enso Gallery Meditation.  This group meets on Sunday mornings from 10am to 11:15am. If you would like to be on the contact list for this meditation group please email me at